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a sturdy, minimal window solution using black iron

curtains with black iron

Besides your .5″ black iron bar at your desired length under 83″ from what I remember. They will cut the bar for you at no extra charge. If you have a lot of windows to buy for at one time I recommend being organized before calling the assistant over to cut your bars.

You will need quantity two of the following for one window setup.

1″ floor flange

3/4″ cap

1″ tee

1 x 3″ nipple

We purchased our parts at a combination of Lowes and Home Depot. You will find these parts in the plumbing section of the store. The size of your nipple can vary depending on how far you want the bar and curtain to hang away from your wall. We used a combination of 1 x 1″, 1 x 2″ and 1 x 3″ nipples. But if you have a big shelf full of plants you may need to get a larger nipple like 1 x 6″.

black iron nipple 1x3" and 1x1" for sturdy industrial diy window

black iron nipple in sizes 1 x 3″ and 1 x 1″