Fire Cider

fire cider health tonic

The first time I drank fire cider was with my Yosemite hippy Mama Erin. She kept her powerful botanical brew in her fridge. I did a big shot and I remember it immediately began to knock up whatever my problematic, sluggish lymph node system was holding onto. I vowed to someday make and consume more of this apple cider vinegar based brew. The main use is for digestive support and cold flu buster. Here’s what you’ll need to make your Fire Cider.

Ingredients for Fire Cider

Apple Cider Vinegar

Depending, I purchased a few bottles just to have enough. One-two bottles is probably fine. This is a general recipe that can vary, depending on the size of your horseradish root, number of onions etc.

Garlic Cloves

A few cloves times as much as you want. The more the merrier.


Freshly grated

Horseradish Root

Typically I can find this at Safeway and Raley’s.

Red Chili

Seeded and chopped


Medium or what you have

Other ingredients you can try

Orange, cayenne pepper, turmeric


  1. Chop and process all of these ingredients for the canning jar. Adding enough apple cider vinegar to cover all the ingredients. Seal the lid and shake it up. Place in your fridge for a month.
  2.  After one month strain through a cheesecloth, squeezing out as much liquid as you can into a clean new jar. Give it a taste test – then refrigerate until ready to serve again. Good for 1 month.

To Serve

I like do shots then chase with some water. You could also serve 1 Tbsp in a cup of hot water.